DTMB Standard

  • The China-aided DTMB/DTMB-A Project Kicks off in Timor-Leste
  • China and East Timor sign an implementation agreement for terrestrial digital TV transmission system
  • A delegation from Timor Leste visit DTVNEL(Beijing)
  • DTVNEL held successfully International DTV Forum in Lao
  • Sharing of test platform is established in DTVNEL
  • DTVNEL attended the 4th China-Africa media cooperation forum
  • DTMB advantages

    Advantages of DTMB international standards are advanced technology, complete property rights, excellent performance and easy deploy. E-DTMB and DTMB-A standard are 2 extensional standards from DTMB standard, these 3 standards are concomitant for different applications. DTMB standard is usually used for free public broadcasting; E-DTMB standard works good at mobile TV transmission.

    DTMB-A standard is more suitable for high definition TV broadcasting. DTMB standard is more powerful than DVB-T standard, the former has higher transmission bandwidth for robust coverage range and reliable stability for mobile TV transmission. Equipments of DTMB system are low cost to increase the competitiveness of DTMB standard in the world. DTMB standard depends on TDS-OFDM technology and LDPC code design to enhance easily the efficiency of RF spectrum, speed of signal processing and ability of anti-interference.

    E-DTMB standard is fully compatible with DTMB standard, it is able to process different modulation in one frequency under 6, 7 or 8 MHz spectrum bandwidth, this feature is currently impossible to be realized in any other first generation TV standard.Some features of DTMB-A standard have exceeding DVB-T2 standard such like in using 256 APSK, 32 FFT Modulation, C/N reception threshold is lower than DVB-T2 standard; it is simple to support multi-service broadcasting by new complex frame structure of signal, as well as in SFN system.