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  • A delegation from Timor Leste visit DTVNEL(Beijing)
  • DTVNEL held successfully International DTV Forum in Lao
  • Sharing of test platform is established in DTVNEL
  • DTVNEL attended the 4th China-Africa media cooperation forum
  • DTMB technology training course is held for Pakistani delegation
  • Pakistani delegation visited DTVNEL again
  • DTVNEL attended the 4th China-Africa media cooperation forum
    Author:   Source:   Time:2018-08-03 09:58:52  Number: big middle small

    Under the invitation of SARFT, DTVNEL attended the 4th China-Africa media cooperation forum, which was held by Chinese National News Press and African Broadcasting Union on June 26th. Nearly 400 delegates who came from different African countries and governments attended to this forum. They took a heated discussion for the issues of ‘media policy’, ‘media right establishment’, ‘media digitization and industry development’ between China and Africa.

    Zhang Xiao Ying, the deputy general manager of DTVNEL attended the forum and hoped to strengthen the promotion of DTMB standard through this event, stabilize the advanced position of DTMB, DTMB-A standard in comparison of other international TV standards.

    By attending this forum, we extended the space of international development, which is meeting to ‘one belt one road’ strategy, establish a good foundation for Chinese standard Internationalization and improved the international image of innovation as well as competitive power in market. Nowadays, there are 14 countries in total adopting Chinese DTMB standard, covering a population of 2 billion.

    During the forum, 12 cooperation agreement were passed and signed between China and Africa. Both of two parties decided to catch the good chance of the forum in Beijing to extend the cooperation between China and Africa.